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I don't like what I like
I like what the sheep like
I try to sell out
No one's buying
Not even me
I don't like what I like
I wanna be a sheep
Sheep don't like me
I want to like what I like
But the sheep won't let me
:iconrichofcydonia:RichOfCydonia 0 2
Blind Faith
Only together we dance
Coerced and romanced
A smile that never was
Teeth that shine lies
Digesting me
Caressing me
Together we intertwine
I'm Tethered to your existence
Cause in my memory you shine
Faith will pay someday
If not that's ok
Cause if we are just a thought
Then I'll dream my life away
:iconrichofcydonia:RichOfCydonia 3 0
Lif'e's carrot stick
I've been all I can be
I've seen all I can see
There's only one surprise lying in store for me
Is there anything else
I wish I wish
Life's cruel trick
Is to give us a dish
That serves no end
To anything at all
And of this oh this
I wish I wish
There was any meaning to anything at all
But meanings just an illusion
On life's carrot stick
And the great tragedy is
We shall never have a lick
:iconrichofcydonia:RichOfCydonia 1 4
Living In Earnest
Saturday 4pm
Never show them any sign of weakness. As soon as they see it, I will never be safe.I took solace in the knowledge that nothing they did could truly ever hurt me. The only thing that I feared would be giving in. I can't let them win. Not ever. I looked at myself in the mirror. I leaned in close, carefully inspecting my eyes. I stared deep into the black of my pupils. Is there life on Mars I wondered. A pounding on the door broke me from my trance.
"What ARE you doing in there! I won't have any son of mine stuck in all day." My heart began to race. It was enough she had control every aspect of my life, but the thing that really irked me was the way her voice would inexplicably raise in pitch at random intervals. I would always grit my teeth when she did it, and in that moment I wish I could slam her face into the
"Mom, for fuck sake, give me some damn privacy. Jesus..."
"You want privacy, find somewhere ELSE to live. Perhaps if you LIVED somewhere else, you could get a
:iconrichofcydonia:RichOfCydonia 1 0
The Fire In My Mind
No tears can extinquish the the fire in my mind
It makes me dream myself away to place I cant quite find
Maybe you just evaporated
I kinda thought you'd fall back down
Cause I'm still here gazing
With my head flat on the ground
:iconrichofcydonia:RichOfCydonia 0 0
War On Fear
Hope and trust
Carried on a breeze
Lost on the gust
Freedom is slavery
Apathy rules
The promise of the storm
Leaves us as subjects to fools
Dread besieges
But please carry on
Send us to war
Till the fear is gone
:iconrichofcydonia:RichOfCydonia 0 0
Shot In The Dark
There's nothing behind you there's no creature in the dark
Dread is just a monster of another last hurrah
The past is sucking the life out of me the future is the only thing that keeps me alive
The present is my life support cut these cords and set me free
What path I will choose only these two feet will show me
:iconrichofcydonia:RichOfCydonia 2 0
Your words dance around me
Form a convoluted harmony
Steal the sunlight from me
Is this how its meant to be
Spiraling from galore
Still I never hit the floor
I can't even remember what it was I saw
I was running out the door
I don't wanna fall
:iconrichofcydonia:RichOfCydonia 3 0
A new thought arises painted w
A new thought arises painted with forgotten dreams
An echo of innocence that soon dissipates into a fog of fear
Breathing becomes harder
And soon I'm living in a choir
But I wanted more
To step beyond the life of mere being
And to experience and behold beauties beyond our own devices
Can a hidden muse deliver affluence of our soul
Or is the rabbit hole hidden deep within
Tell me someone tell me
Have I seen all there is to see
:iconrichofcydonia:RichOfCydonia 1 0
Deed Part One
Wind tore past Casey face and he began to tremble uncontrollably. A streak of light danced in front of him for a split second, followed by silence. He opened his eyes, his head spinning as he attempted to find his feet. His knees lurched forward as he rose and he stumbled back down to his chest and began vomiting violently. His hands dug hard into the soft earth below as his entire stomach emptied itself before him.  Reaching out with both arms, he pushed himself onto his back. He took a deep breath and began to gag once more. His throat felt like  it was taking in molten lead, as if the air around him conspired to suffocate him. He arose precariously once more, gritting his teeth as the pain in his chest grew. His knees were trembling but he forced himself upright, the whole world shaking around him as he cast his arms out trying to find some fixture with which he could steady himself with. His out stretched hands found only air and he fell back to the ground hard.
:iconrichofcydonia:RichOfCydonia 0 0
Solace Part One
"Merge with me. Merge with me you rare bastard".
Her final words clung to the air and began to suffocate him. Even as she watched him flicker away, she kept one hand clenched firmly around his throat. Desire trickled down his chin and a solitary tear fell silently from the side of his face. The piecing moonlight shun high above and rivers of silver blood criss-crossed the grass. Their eyes remained locked as his life poured away. At last, perhaps mercifully, he died. His final moments were almost beyond comprehension. It was a multitude of familiarities merging into something unrecognizable. Unquenchable desire mixed with ecstatic agony?. It was almost as if the humanistic constructs which bound his mind to the world around him were abruptly tearing themselves out of his head. Now in their place remained a schism of his very soul. Time itself now bore no meaning and the world had long since melted away. Reality lay scattered around him and in its place he saw the great void that remain
:iconrichofcydonia:RichOfCydonia 1 1
Light Part One
I lay as motionless as possible waiting for the moment to end .Every second that  passed was merely the prelude to something more painful, more repugnant, and more horrific than anything I could begin to imagine. Oh how I would welcome death like a brother, my white knight who would sail forth and save me from the world. A cold, empty world. A world inhabited by only me and…this pain. I began to tremble in spite of the scorching heat, which itself was but a distant remnant of a world I no longer longed or cared for. My nails dug so deep into my palm that a trickle of blood ran down my finger. The soothing pain in my hand felt like a momentary respite, for that wondrous second I almost remembered I wasn't always going to feel this way. Then it flooded back stronger than before. I curled myself up into a ball as the pain continued to intensify and I found myself able to think of nothing else. There was no light, no happiness in the world. There was nothing else and there w
:iconrichofcydonia:RichOfCydonia 0 0
Ohhhh…., what's that buzzing in my ear. I fine? But then again what else is there to feel? My body feels like a puddle. We should close our eyes, for perhaps, just a second longer. Now take a look, I'm drifting between my reality and yours. Everything's suddenly blue. Blue? Hello blue. Nice to meet you. What is blue exactly? Why can't I call it green? Is your reality more shiny, is that it? Is there no rational explanation for why you're pumping all this crap into my brain? I know it's there. Please, just look up. Maybe all the garbage will fall out. NO.. WHY..WHY didn't that work? I feel so wait…What? Who's doing the speaking here? Please just shut up and let me THINK! AH, erm ok… so much better. I like colours. But not when they are by themselves…no I mean themself…no wait I was right first…just FORGET IT yeah anyhow, tell us what to call them. They just are. NO need to define. Just allow. Knowledge is autonomous hasn't it always been that way?
:iconrichofcydonia:RichOfCydonia 0 4
Deed Part Two
He walked back down the hill shaking his head muttering inanely to himself. Casey knew the man spoke of nothing but nonsense but his feet refused to sway. Casey felt a chill run down his spine urge to turn around grew. Sweat poured down his head and he stamped his foot furiously cursing his own cowardice as the rest of his body refused to budge. The man stood glancing idly up at the black tree with an expression of wonder. Casey swore under his breath cursing his nerve before heading back down the hill.
"Ah Casey that was quicker than I thought maybe I underestimated you". Above his head one solitary apple hung alone the only living thing amongst the dead wood around it. The apple dropped and landed in the mans palm who began analyzing it carefully. "A shame" he said shaking his head "This is the last fruit this tree will ever bare" He placed hand on the tree rubbing it affectionately before turning to face Casey and he placed the apple firmly in his hand. "You must be hungry please ta
:iconrichofcydonia:RichOfCydonia 0 0
Deed Part One
A gush of wind tore past Casey face causing him to tremble uncontrollably. There was an impossibly fast streak of light that danced in front of him immediately followed by deadly silence. He opened his eyes his head spinning uncontrollably as he got to his feet his knees lurched forward and he began vomited violently, his throat was set ablaze with every deep breath he took which tore into his throat like red hot needles. He stumbled carelessly to his feet the whole world shook around him as he cast his arms out trying to find some fixture with which he could steady himself with. He fell back to the ground painfully and found two eyes locked wit his own.  
He recoiled slightly before reaching out for the dark looming figure, the figure shook as his hand met it and an icy chill tore up his arm. The world began swirling faster and faster and he found himself vomiting vigorously once more into the dark swirling water beneath him. He rolled onto his back trying to catch his breat
:iconrichofcydonia:RichOfCydonia 0 1


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